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We are excited to share:

Our film The Mountain & The Maiden is an official selection at Cannes International Independent Film Festival.

Well, more than 2 years ago, Anton von Heiseler asked me to fly to Delhi, India and film with him there on one of Asia's largest landfills. Since filming there with the help of producer Sheikh Ayub, we have finished this short documentary in our "spare" time.

This short documentary film follows Aspiya, our 10-year old protagonist (now 12), who lives with her family near said landfill and goes out to collect trash daily and sells it to support her family.

We hope this film will raise awareness of many issues in the world, including pollution, child labor, and poverty. We have funded this film ourselves and have paid Aspiya and her family for their participation. We hope to do more for them, and for families like them, as this film gets screened and seen.

We are asking for donations to Aspiya's family to help pay for their living expenses, so that Aspiya doesn't have to go to work, but can go to school and become a teacher, as is her dream. To donate to help Aspiya and her family, go to:


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