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Complimentary Tickets

Our short film The Mountain & The Maiden has been touring the festival circuit, and has received numerous awards and selections, including at the following Oscar-qualifying festivals: -Best Documentary at LA Shorts International Film Festival

-Official Selection, Flickerfest International in Australia

-Official Selection, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

In addition to:

-5 Awards at LACA, Los Angeles Cinematography Awards

-Best Documentary at Munich Film Festival

-Official Selection at Cannes Independent International Film Festival

And we were just notified that the film has been nominated in three categories at the London International Film Festival.

So many people have been asking us how and where they can watch it. Right now, it's only available for viewing at the film festivals, but lucky for you, most of them are virtual now, and you can have access from the comfort of your home. So I wanted to share with you that The Mountain & The Maiden is available to stream on demand February 20-28, as part of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. You can buy tickets here. Or you can be one of the first people to like and comment on this post on our Facebook page, in order to receive complimentary tickets. Here is the film trailer.

This is a review of the film on FILM CARNAGE by Rebecca Cherry. Let us know if you'd like complimentary tickets by being one of the first people to like and comment on our post on our Facebook page here. To donate to help Aspiya and her family out of poverty, click here. The Mountain & The Maiden is a film by Shmuel Hoffman and Anton von Heiseler.

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