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  • Shmuel Hoffman

Dream Bigger

We all ought to dream big. You and me. But even more so, the next generation needs to dream big. They will change the world even more. They have to dream even bigger than we ever did. This film is an homage to those who do. I think an educational brand needs to be the breeding ground for big dreamers. Ma’ayanot is just that. I wanted this year's campaign to reflect that. DREAM BIGGER. This film is the culmination of this year's campaign. We developed something new. A new visual metaphor for dreaming bigger. Lofty, real, mysterious, feminine, hopeful, energetic.

We also use this film as an acceptance letter. It’s personal. It’s close. It’s unmistakable. This is how we want to go into the next campaign year. And Ma’ayanot is the right place to do something new. New with your life. Your teen's life. I’m rambling. But this is what life is: a ramble of dreams. And it's your and my duty to dream big and have our daughters dream big. To give them the opportunity. To allow them. To encourage them. This film tries to be all that. I hope it works. I hope it inspires them. I hope they’ll come to a place where dreaming bigger is the way they live their life.

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Shmuel Hoffman
Feb 18, 2019

Thank you, for the kind words.


Feb 17, 2019

Superbly done!


Feb 16, 2019

Oh, you're not rambling, your RUMBLING! This clip is electrifying, explosive!

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