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Film Campaigns For Nutraceutical Manufacturers

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

While we've produced promotional and commercial films for manufacturers before, this campaign for Nutrastar Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturers was a complete, comprehensive campaign designed together with Yaakov Lehman, head of marketing at Nutrastar. What MOST Manufacturers Get Wrong in Their Marketing In general, manufacturers really do a mediocre job in their advertising, and produce rather cheap videos and marketing materials. Why? This really puzzled us when looking at the videos that are out there. We saw videos for manufacturers of supplements and vitamins that included slow-moving, unenthusiastic staff, and cluttered manufacturing spaces. What's more, the images themselves were not clean and uncluttered. The look was not professional. The stories were unengaging. What does this say about what goes into your vitamins and supplements? Nutrastar came to us to produce their films because just as they care about what goes into their products, they care about how they are represented in the world. Here is the promotional film we produced for Nutrastar, which is on their homepage, and which they send to clients in email and text marketing, and in advance of sales calls.

Honesty, Quality, Cleanliness

Nutrastar is a huge nutraceutical manufacturer in New Jersey, with dozens of quality labels to its name. Their impressive facilities, volume, and client list struck us right off the bat, but what impressed us even more was their commitment to honesty, cleanliness, and quality - three attributes which I think are closely linked. Honesty because they check and re-check that all their ingredients consist of what they claim they consist of, and that is a sign of quality. Quality because when it comes to anything you put into or on your body, you really can't afford mistakes. And cleanliness, which is obviously important in manufacturing anything that goes into your body, now more than ever. Nutrastar was looking for films that would match their level of quality and commitment to high standards. Not only do they have their business to look out for, but their clients run businesses too. The end-consumer of their products can trace where their vitamins and supplements come from. They want to see cleanliness, passion, quality, and timeliness. (We know because of the in-depth surveys and research we conducted in preparation for the campaign.)

This is the walkthrough film that we produced for Nutrastar, giving prospective clients a tour of their facilities :

What Your Clients Care About

If you want volume, as well as fast growth, your communication needs to be on par with your efforts to create the best product possible. If there's a disconnect, your company is in trouble. Because there are so many manufacturers in the US, and it can be hard to differentiate between them, we created 4 mini-films for Nutrastar, each addressing a different painpoint that their clients might experience with other manufacturers.

This one is about Dependability, which we found to be of utmost importance when surveying Nutrastar's clientele.

And this one goes into detail about the quality checking process on Nutrastar's products.

Why Multi-Film Campaigns Can Make A Big Impact Data have shown that the old adage "a good product sells itself" has been proven false over and over. Of course, products and services alike need to be top-notch. But any business owner or marketing/sales professional will tell you that products and services do not sell themselves.

That said, the number of times you reach your prospectives with quality content matters. Advertisers know that it takes many impressions before your ad makes a - well, an impression.

Through multiple contact points and high production quality films you're giving your firm an advantage before your prospective client even reaches out to you.

This applies not only to products and services, but to nonprofits and educational institutions as well. Why? Because you're dealing with people. No matter who you are or what you do, you are selling to a person, and people care about cleanliness, quality, their time, and how things look.

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Feb 04, 2021

I just love to watch your work, you give informative pieces an element of "entertainment."

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