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  • Shmuel Hoffman

Meet Tamim

While many are feeling trepidation about the future of education during a pandemic, one team of visionaries is quietly putting together something awesome in the field of Jewish education.

The team behind the revolutionary Kohelet schools near Philadelphia is expanding on the student-centered, authentic learning model, and coupling it with the warmth and energy of Chabad.

Meet Tamim Academies, a network of elementary schools that fits around a child like a warm hug. Four schools opened this past fall, one each on the Upper West Side of Manhattan; Boca Raton, Florida; Greenwich, CT; and Burlington, VT. Every Tamim Academy provides its students with a rigorous, child centered academic program as well as Chabad’s signature warm Jewish atmosphere. For Chabad preschool families, the transition to Tamim is seamless. For everyone else, the schools exude a closeknit, welcoming atmosphere as well. At Tamim, learning is exciting, and not stressful, because every child has an innate sense of wonder waiting to be ignited, and Tamim meets kids where they are - working one-on-one according to a child's interests and personal achievement in each area.

We have worked with new schools before. For some videographers, the prospect of making a film with little or nothing yet to show can seem impossible. But we feel it opens up possibilities and allows the underlying philosophies of the school to shine.

Before Tamim schools opened up in Fall 2020, we made this film via zoom:

In the fall, we traveled to all four locations, capturing what makes each school unique, and also what unites them - a philosophy of joy and ahava - love for your fellow. We put together this film to invite the 4 communities to their online open house events.

At the open houses, the following promo film featuring all 4 locations was shown:

Watching Tamim Academy schools evolve from a dream to a living, breathing, operating institution has been a tremendous experience. But what's even more beautiful is watching the unique way that the teachers reach the students, lighting them up and helping them learn and grow through play, in a values-based environment, where every student's interests are honored, and their contributions are valued. The world needs more Tamim schools. We are lucky they hit the ground running already benefitting so many communities.

From this series of films we produced for Tamim, in addition to parent testimonials, you can get an idea of how we produce films according to strategic milestones in the recruitment process, helping families get to know the school more and more as they delve into the research process, leading them to the decision to apply and to enroll.

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2021년 1월 24일

my daughter is home schooling her son. Do you have a program for such families with homeschool children?

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