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  • Shmuel Hoffman

More is More

More often than not, we produce films in a limited time period. An organization or school would call a few weeks before an event, or launch of a product and for that they want a film produced. That gives usually little time to capture the whole breadth of a given brand or organization.


Not so for this past year's Open House film for Magen David Yeshivah. The brief was that they wanted a more comprehensive view of their institution, more than could be filmed/captured within a few weeks.  

Since we had longer lead time with more filming days possible, we were able to bring this film into existence.


Over a period of 8-10 months we filmed many highlights that happened throughout the school year. And I think such an approach shows: you really feel the diversity and the breadth of what an MDY education looks and feels like.


Don't get me wrong, we often make films over the span of a few weeks or months of shooting, BUT if you are in a tight market, or if you're looking to present something MORE to your audience, SHOOT MORE. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is more.


So, that's one part of the equation. But there are a few other things that allow us to create stunning films.


  1. Our ARRI Alexa Mini cinema camera setup with anamorphic lenses that's small enough for live action and movement, but cinematic, to make each shot look like it belongs in a theater.

  2. A good plan and concept in pre-production.

  3. Enough filming days with diverse enough activities to get copious amounts of footage in a variety of settings to tell a kickass story that never gets visually boring.


When MDY wanted us to start filming in the fall of 2022 for 2023's Open House, this opportunity gave us a chance to make a more stunning film, and to really show the true breadth and depth of what an MDY education provides. It meant more footage of diverse classrooms, exciting trips, extracurriculars and sports, programming, the building - and the family atmosphere. It gives students a real feel for what they'll experience when they register for MDY and become part of the MDY community.


The effect such imagery can have on a captive audience when it's shown on a big screen in front of a crowd is palpable. It creates a "wow" effect and pulls the audience emotionally in this visceral experience. And as we know, kids mostly make decisions based on emotions; even more so when emotions are shared with friends who are with them there at the open house.


The diversity of activities and learning styles captured in a visual way over 10 months with our cinematic camera set up made this hit a homerun, as we were told after the event.



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