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  • Shmuel Hoffman

Quiet Revolution

As you know, we run our own business, Hoffman Productions, creating advertising films for nonprofits and businesses. Running our own business means we've had to get creative with our health insurance plans.

Navigating the system over our past 10 years here in America has been extremely challenging. There are so many issues today with the healthcare system. Most people pay a ton of money for healthcare in premiums, with high deductibles and high copays, and still get bills to pay in the thousands on top of it. America is bleeding money in healthcare.

The average family now pays $20,000 in health insurance each year. For what? Deductibles are going up and more stuff is not covered. Financial toxicity is a real medical complication of a failing healthcare system. It’s just crazy how some hospitals are violating the value that the medical profession was built on: to care for the sick and suffering.

Dr. Martin Makary, professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins, says, "When I shed my white coat and talked to people about their experiences with the healthcare system, it was clear to me that the modern-day money games of price gouging and predatory billing now threaten the great public trust in the medical profession."

Dr. Marty Makary is a New York Times Bestselling author. His book Unaccountable was made into a TV show called "The Resident." He's a frequent medical commentator on NBC, WSJ and Fox.

And he's also the author The Price We Pay, which was just released on paperback, about the hidden costs in the healthcare system, the revolution to address overtreatment, and administrative waste in the system. It’s a giant industry. And who's paying for it? You and me. Patients, business owners, taxpayers. Even if you have insurance.

We were shocked when we read The Price We Pay. We decided we had to get involved. Here's the film trailer we put together for the release of The Price We Pay, which was just announced as #13 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Dr. Makary and his team have influenced policy decisions, have fought for patients' rights in the judicial system - and have won. Dr. Makary is on the forefront of bringing healthcare back to the people, for the people. He has used his own personal funds and has risked his relationships in the healthcare industry to call out the wrongs, and to make them right. He is a revolutionary working within the system to make it better and to restore it back to what medicine once was in this country: helping the sick become healthy.

We are so honored to have gotten the chance to work with this visionary leader.

Buy The Price We Pay here:

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