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  • Shmuel Hoffman


How have you used these last few months on lockdown?

Have you grown in any way? Learned new skills? Caught up on sleep?

If you have young children, how have they developed?

Our 6 year old went from barely being able to sound out letters, 

To full blown reading of whole Dr. Seuss books.

Our 2-year-old went from speaking very little to speaking fluently in English and Hebrew  (plus a little German), putting on her clothes herself, brushing her own teeth, and "helping" to wash the dishes.

My point is, while this time may (or may not have) flown by for us adults, it was eons for kids.

That's why Goldstar Rehab pivoted early on, already in March, and moved their early intervention services online; it worked out very well. 

Because 3 months for kids is a looooong time to not be developing.

They asked us to create this film explaining what Teletherapy is, showing it in action, and hearing from parents how well it has been going, and showing the kind of results that kids have had in their development.

We have so far done 4 zoom flms during these times, and we're in the process of producing even more for new and existing clients.  It's working. Our clients follow our advice to not take a break from advertising. Do not be stagnant in a passive, waiting position, just because we don't know what the future holds. Be pro-active, control the conversation, because the conversation is happening whether you're participating or not. You might as well get in there and give people something to talk about - from the angle that puts you in a good light.

Goldstar's a great example of creating a new business model in the middle of a disaster. They knew about teletherapy beforehand, but didn't make much use of it. Now they saw a whole new stream of opportunities, and this is how I want you to be thinking. Not just that the pandemic is debilitating us, but what can we do to come out stronger? How can your business, your institution, use this time to develop, much like a child?  This time is crucial, and if you're not moving forward and putting your name out there, you're moving backward.

For me it's a lesson in how to utilize our time well. Time is limited. Early intervention is only available till a child is 3 years old. And the crazy pandemic that has taken so many from us really shows us how important it is to start whatever it is early. Whether it's working on your dreams, spending time with loved ones, or taking care of your health. Now is the time. 3 months can change the trajectory of a child's whole life, and the trajectory of your organization as well.

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