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  • Shmuel Hoffman

The Re-Edit

Hope you're safe and with family during these weird and epic times.

While we are all in isolation and anxious to have this period be over as soon as possible, you are probably also thinking, "What will be? How can I help my organization/brand get through this with minimal damage?"

While most people are currently overdosing on Corona news, I want to encourage you to use your time to think of what can be done NOW so that your brand is at the forefront when the switch is flipped and everything goes back to normal (or semi-normal). How do you position your brand to get ahead of others in your niche once we are back to socializing in real life?

If you spend too much time contemplating what to do and hang out in "wait-and-see" mode, once it's all over, you might be behind the ball and playing a major game of catch-up.

My duty is it to help you stop waiting, and to help you do something now in order to be ready once we can all reconvene in-person .

While I can't predict what will happen, I am pretty sure about a few things:

  1. The world will be different in a few months when the dust settles - way different than it was before. If you do not work on attracting recruits now, you may find yourself and your organization in a pickle.

  2. While everyone else is waiting in place for the next foreseeable future, now is the time to do the opposite, and market and advertise what you have to offer. That way you'll still be on the radar of your prospectives once everyone has to put their lives back together.

  3. We live in a time when we are more connected than ever online. This means that it's a crowded playing field, and if you don't stand out, your message will either be drowned out or long forgotten. We don't want you to have to lose the hard work from your previous years and start from scratch. Online film and video viewership has spiked with an increase of up to 66% since quarantining began. Now more than ever, you can make your voice heard while others are still staring into Corona's headlights like a deer.


Since school is not in session and neither is work, and many are online now, the dilemma is that there is nothing physical you can show in a film besides Zoomy split-screens and talking heads.

But that's where a filmmaker who has worked with your organization in the past comes in handy. We can help you make a difference and fire up some cool new films.

If we have filmed for you in the past, we can help you to craft new messages and films with the footage we have accumulated and saved for you over the years, without the cost of shooting days.

Now is the time when clever concepts and hard-hitting editing come into play. We can create new films and re-edit footage to create completely new commercial films with timely messages and updates at a fraction of the cost of a full production, since the filming days will have already happened.

Here is an example of a film we made from existing footage for SAR schools last year:

Let me know how we can help you put your org ahead of the game, so that once the world restarts, you won't be running to chase prospectives, but can already have a bunch in the bag since you've kept them updated throughout this with fresh content.

May you and your family and community be healthy and well.


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