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  • Shmuel Hoffman

Zoom In

Yes, we did. We made a Zoom film.

But it's not like any class you've been to.

Have a look.

These are strange and unprecedented times, but our clients are quick to move to stay ahead of the pack.

Parents are getting a whole new perspective on their children's schools.

  1. They see up close how the teachers interact with the students.

  2. They see how much the kids are learning on a day-to-day basis.

  3. They see how quickly the school adapts to new circumstances.

  4. They see firsthand the real kesher that students have with their teachers and friends.

  5. They see side-by-side how your school compares to the schools of their other children.

Now is the time to show off how amazing your organization is even in these difficult times. How have you managed the changes? Parents are now asking themselves, "If my kids are still at home in September, is this still the school where I want my child?"

We have heard that clients don't want to brag about how well they've transitioned, but now since school is closed essentially for half of the year, the quality of education now is dependent on how advanced your technology is, and how you've solved the myriad problems of remote learning. Show it off.

There are kids whose schools have not caught on, and these kids are losing out on half a year or more of their education. Not only that, the schools themselves are losing students because they've been resting on their laurels and slow to adapt.

Your clientele - those who pay the bills - want to see other parents, and they want to know how satisfied they are, and how their kids are managing. This kind of film - where parents speak about how the stay-at-home experience has been for their kids - is important also for the families of your incoming new students, who might be apprehensive about what fall will look like.

Yeshiva Ohavei Torah has stuck to its principles of not allowing its students unrestricted online access, and what they've come up with is a beautiful solution that helps them maintain a kesher with the boys individually, as well as creating fully engaging classes. As the parents testify, none of the individualized attention that makes this yeshiva so unique has been lost, and the rebbeim are making extra efforts to create both a community and an individual connection with each bochur.

Help give your audience a picture of the unknown. Even if schools are still closed, you're on the ball. You're winning. And so are they.

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