Camp Mesorah: 29%  in 3 Weeks
Our first campaign for Mesorah 4 years ago had the goal of positioning the camp as the leader in modern orthodox overnight summer camps.  The way we designed this campaign was through rebranding the organization with one promotional film and two additional commercials. The main reason this worked was because, first, we gave the camp a new slogan: The Jewish Sports Camp. This alone set them apart from their competition by announcing what they stand for. They now own the Jewish sports camp moniker and concept. Secondly, promoting three different marketing films within a short period of time gave them the perception of being a hot and desired camp. Hence they grew 29% within three weeks compared to their best year prior.

After only the first year of working with us, Mesorah became the largest Jewish summer camp, with divisions sold out by Pesach. This past summer, we focused more on image films for Mesorah, to maintain their leading status. Last year’s campaign continued with 2 groundbreaking image films, as well as a 360 virtual film they showed at live events via Oculus goggles. Early registration numbers were 120 more than the previous year.

Camp Morasha: 62% Growth in 4 years 

To mark the occasion of Camp Morasha's 50th year, we spent the summer filming ten commercials that they released in the fall, culminating in a showing at their February Jubilee concert event at Purchase College. The results in working with Camp Morasha over a period of 4 years was an increase in enrollment of 62%. In 2010, prior to our working with them, the camp was operating at 69.3% capacity.  Using our films in a robust marketing campaign, the number of campers grew by 62%, to 112% capacity over 4 years, building 13 new bunks to accommodate the growth.  

Camp Yavneh had had a loyal videographer on staff for years, producing run-of-the-mill videos for the camp with no strategy in mind, and with very low production value.  They needed a change, due to some negative PR from the previous year; they needed to rebrand themselves and combat some rumors. 
Using surveys to pinpoint parents’ and campers’ pain points in addition to what they loved about the camp, we produced a series of 3 films with high production value that addressed the concerns and preferences of campers and parents, both new and returning alike. The result so far has been - first of all - a stop in the drop in enrollment numbers, with increases in early registration numbers on top of that, as they now have something solid to show online and at their recruiting events.

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