Lexus of Lehigh Valley was one of the finalists in the 2018 Lexus Brand Champion awards. They approached us with a request to come up with an idea and produce a film that they could submit to the nationwide contest.  Out of 256 Lexus dealerships in the U.S., our client won the award. We were told by the marketing team at Lexus that the jury selected the winner solely based on the film submitted.



When Jerusalem U received a request to document the Harvard Israel Summit, they came to us to produce, direct, film, and edit it. The Summit’s director wanted the film for post-event publicity to encourage more students across North American campuses to advocate for Israel in the face of increasing antisemitism and antizionism. To that end, we also helped the director of the Summit devise a marketing plan that included the film in a press release, plus a longterm Facebook campaign.  In less than two months’ time, the film garnered over 1.7 million views on Facebook alone, with over 2,700 likes, over 1,000 shares, and hundreds of comments. 



We filmed and edited this "trailer" for the release of the first book of the Mara Dyer book trilogy. We wanted this to be not the typical video made for a book, but rather more like a film trailer. And indeed it paid off. The trailer was watched hundreds of thousand of times. And it sounds like an out to not name the exact number, but if you Google "Mara Dyer", the trailer has been reposted on Youtube countless times; remakes have been made by loyal teen readers and followers. Not only that, but fans of the trilogy wanted this to be a real movie. The online buzz this created led to the book becoming a New York Times bestseller.



Our films helped jumpstart a new high school on Long Island, bringing 11 students in its first year, forty in its second, and 80 in its third. A private school in LA saw a 60% increase in registration after releasing two of our custom-made films.Another single-gender private school in NJ was way below capacity when they came to us. Over the course of a 3-year campaign, they have seen 36% growth, with the largest open house attendance in the region - even larger than co-ed schools of similar size. They are currently raising funds for an extension to their building to handle the growth. 
In essence, we help educational institutions grow to their max capacity, and many of them are forced to build new buildings to keep up with the influx.


Camp Morasha saw a 62% increase in enrollment with 16 films over 4 years. They have a long waiting list and have had to build 13 additional bunks to handle the growth. Camp Mesorah is sold out in every division by early registration in the fall for the past two years (we have worked with them for 4 years).  Camp Tamarack Day Camp increased its camper base by 47% with just two commercial films shown online and on local TV.