Although Yeshiva University Los Angeles School for Girls is on the west coast, and it is located in the heart of filmmaking, they came to us to help them out of a tough situation.  They were consistently losing students to their co-ed competitors, and because we had turned Ma’ayanot Girls High School’s numbers around as they dealt with a similar situation, YULA knew that we were the ones who could brand them and turn what some students considered a detriment into a perceived asset.  After hiring us to produce their open house films two years in a row, YULA’s registration has increased by 60%, and enrollment is at a 15-year high.


While SAR shows many films at its fundraising and recruitment events, they come to us to help them out when they’re looking for a specific kind of film with a twist. This past year, the Academy and the High School together were looking for a heartfelt film to show at their annual dinner in order to increase school pride across the wider SAR community, including alumni, donors, parents, grandparents, and of course, students. While our Letters From the Heart film was emotional, our Emojis promo film - which was shown at the Open House - was based on our research which revealed that at the high school level - particularly in co-ed schools - the students themselves make the final decision about which school to attend, rather than the parents, so we created a campaign more relevant to a younger audience.


Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls saw 36% growth over a 3-year film campaign. This was a major, 12-film campaign we have been rolling out; the goal was to retain students, in addition to recruiting prospective students. To those ends, we produced 3 films per year - for both internal morale boosting and external marketing purposes - emphasizing some of the school’s core strengths that set it apart from its competitors. Based on extensive surveying of prospective and current students, as well as alumni and students who applied but did not end up attending, we narrowed down a few key topics to highlight, as well as negative sentiments that were floating around that we addressed in the films in order to change their image.

Ma'ayanot is now adding a new extension to their building in order to handle the increase in enrollment.

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