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A Tree Falls and Makes a Sound

Especially this year, administrators of schools and camps can be overwhelmed by the amount there is to do to keep everyone safe -- let alone the many details involved in marketing and admissions that get people to sign up for your organization in the first place. We step in to help private schools reach their desired audiences, through hyper-targeted email, phone, and sometimes texting campaigns in addition to our Hoffman Productions films providing the content.

For years we have been helping private schools and camps recruit students, helping them increase between 129%-155% the number of students from years prior.

We do this by creating high-end films that strategically address what matters to families, and also through marketing.

For our film clients, we offer targeted marketing services in addition to creating the films for their campaigns. Our marketing includes everything from sourcing target audiences and contact info, to writing and managing email and phone campaigns.

This year, we've been working with Yeshiva Ohavei Torah in Riverdale, creating multiple films addressing every inflection point in their recruitment funnel, and creating email and phone campaigns leading up to those milestones, to ensure strong numbers in applications and enrollment.

But it all really starts with the Open House.


Because the number of people who attend your open house represents the overall pool you'll be fishing from for applications and enrollment. The more people come to your open house, the more applicants you'll have, and the more registrants you'll end up with.

For Ohavei this year, we created a film inviting families to the open house, giving them a glimpse of what they could expect from an Ohavei education, and enticing them to come find out more. You can watch that film here.

At the Open House, a longer, more comprehensive film covered the wide range of topics families want to know about a school: academics, atmosphere, teacher-student relationships, and school philosophy, among others. This is what we call a promo film.

But a film on its own needs to be seen. The film can't make the sale without people seeing it. It was our job as marketers to get people in the seats at the open house to see the film in the first place.

And before that, the open house invitation film had to be seen in order to get people in to the open house itself.

Now, the warmth of Ohavei, its consistent care for the boys and families, its outstanding academics and dedicated teachers make it stand out to begin with. But because it's a boarding school, and it draws its students from far and wide, getting the word out to so many different communities presents a ton of legwork that we took over, working hand-in-hand with the administration.

This year, Ohavei's Open House was the biggest in the school's history, and they've had a deluge of applications coming in since. Because of new social distancing laws, they held the open house in a larger space (American Dream conference space), so that attendees could spread out. Suffice it to say, it's a good thing they chose such a large venue, because there were way more people than chairs.

Through the combined firepower of high-end films, strong email marketing, and comprehensive phone campaigns,you'll be successful in getting the word out about your organization.

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