We are obsessed filmmakers and marketers who turn data into human storiesto achieve THE DEFINITE CHIEF AIM. Connecting people. Disrupting industries. Increasing pies. Fighting status quo. Simply: Changing the world for the better. 

Lofty, no? But that has been the secret sauce to our clients' insane success. 


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We were approached to create a nationwide student movement. It garnered over 1.7 million views on Facebook in a few weeks and changed the landscape of advocacy on college campuses throughout the U.S.

The task was to create a short film for a Simon & Schuster book in order to jumpstart the series and increase sales. The film got a lot of traction on social media among young adults, and the book became a New York Times bestselling trilogy.

We work with some of the best private schools and summer camps in the nation to increase enrollment and donations. So far, we have grown every single school and camp that we've worked with, to make it the top institution among its competition in its field.


Shmuel Hoffman… brilliant young German/Israeli/American filmmaker. He creates these internet video gems, vivid commercial masterpieces.​

Michael Fenenbock
Former Press Secretary of Sen. Edward Kennedy | Co-Founder of MAX Films

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Margelit for me is one of the best marketers that is out there. Sounds like I'm biased (for sure) but I have worked with Superbowl - commercial creatives, auto industry "ad experts" and self-acclaimed pro marketers. They pale in comparison. No exaggeration. She studied writing + painting at Bennington, worked as a successful legal recruiter in NYC, learned at a seminary in Jerusalem and married me,  the lucky husband. And did I mention that she is an amazing art director and producer... and cook and baker. She is an amazing mother to our five kids and I owe her everything in my career and becoming a better person. 

Shmuel (pronounced Shmool, like cool) never stops innovating. He's a perfectionist. 

He has a rare combination of emotion, heart and know-how. When he studied music he became Germany's #1 violist, performing with the likes of YoYo Ma and Daniel Barenboim. Most people think of film as a visual medium, but what you don't see is what's really moving you: the sound in a film, the visual rhythm., and their interplay and counterpoint. Shmuel is the mover, the shaker, the ruckus maker. His father stood up to communism in East Germany, and from this Shmuel learned to go against the grain, despite risks of persecution. This is what makes his ideas disruptive in a world of followers. When he picks up a cause, he sees that mission through to the end, boldly. I am lucky to be the sidekick -- and disseminator of the work -- of a genius. I am also lucky that he's a dedicated and loyal husband and father. Every day, we motivate each other to do better, to love better, to live better, and to bring this world forward, starting in our own little corner. 


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